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All About Women Health Article -Endometriosis

How to Deal With Endometriosis
By Kim Hawthorne

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Endometriosis is a female condition that can affect any women of child bearing age both physically and emotionally, as well as their loved ones. It is a condition that can initially be very hard to diagnose and sometimes impossible to treat since it can reoccur at anytime in a woman's fertile lifetime. It is a disease that can be minimally painful to excruciating, even preventing some women the chance to bare children. With new technology and a better understanding of this disease, women are learning more about their bodies than ever before and how to handle, manage, and maintain a healthy reproductive system.
Endometriosis is a woman's reproductive condition where tissue, similar to the lining of their uterus is found elsewhere in the body. These lesions can be found anywhere in the pelvic cavity including the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the pelvic sidewall. In more rare occurrences, it can be found in the rectum, bladder, bowel, and intestines.
The most common symptom of endometriosis are pelvic pain. It can range from sharp stabbing pain, to a dull aching pain. A woman may also have pain in the lower back region, pain during sex, irregular menstrual bleeding, fatigue, pain in the bowel or when passing urine. This pain can be correlated to a woman's menstrual cycle, but that is not always the case. It is not fully understood as to why or where endometriosis occurs or comes from. However, there are many theories as to its cause and some include genetics, immune system dysfunctions, environmental factors, as well as a woman's personal menstrual cycle.
As of yet, there is no none cure for endometriosis, but there are a multitude of treatments to help relieve symptoms as well as possibly slow down the occurrence. The only reliable way to definitively diagnose endometriosis is to perform a laparoscopy. It is minimally invasive but can rule out whether it is an issue as well as be able to remove any visible lesions, cysts, or adhesions. There are other treatments such as hormone therapy which can consist of the use of birth control pills that contain specific hormones to alleviate endometriosis symptoms as well as possibly prevent further issues and pain. Other therapies include steroid, nutritional, anti-inflammatory, and alternative hormonal therapies. It has also been shown that after pregnancy, there is a decrease in endometriosis occurrence and symptoms.
As with any therapy, or surgery, you should talk thoroughly with your doctor about your options and symptoms. Know that there is help out there and that you are not alone. The pain can be unbearable sometimes, but staying strong, becoming educated about your body and learning about your options are the key to your wellness.
Kim has been studying multiple brands of cosmetic and beauty products for over 10 years. Being a mom herself, she is also constantly educating herself on the latest baby trends. Kim also suffers from Endometriosis. Along with gardening, Kim and her husband do home repairs. They recently had to deal with their garage door rollers messing up. It's best to do good research on garage door prices.

Recommended Reading
Endometriosis Treating
Practical Methods To Effectively Control & Overcome
Symptoms Of Endo Once & For All - Guaranteed

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