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August 12 - 2010 - All About Women Health Article -Endometriosis

Curing Endometriosis Naturally
By Melissa Meyer Platinum Quality Author

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Since the condition is largely caused by an under active liver function, the first action is to boost the liver function. This can be achieved through liver tonics and herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine which believes in a tradition of "warming" or regenerating the natural balance of all organs which are related to the natural functions of the liver, spleen and kidneys.

The liver is responsible for so many related side-effects of Endometriosis, one of which is the ability to regulate the natural flow of hormonal levels. Part of the pain associated with Endometriosis relates to the overproduction of Estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for building the cervical lining and the thicker this lining becomes, through higher levels of Estrogen, the more pain is felt by Endometriosis patients. The pain is due to the lining breaking off and remaining stagnant within the body, rather than being excreted as is normal in having a monthly menstrual cycle. We can therefore target the overactivity of Estrogen in the body. This is typically the first port of call for Gynaecologists, who use hormonal controllers to achieve this. They use the Contraceptive pill or other methods to reduce the level of hormones in the body, which therefore controls the pain associated with Endometriosis. This doesn't however fix the liver or its underactivity. Estrogen levels can be controlled using other more natural methods including diet and tinctures from Homeopathic remedies. Dong Quai is a commonly used remedy to regulate hormone levels and has reported no side-effects unlike prescribed medication.

There are plenty of teas and alternative methods of reducing hormone levels in the body naturally. A diet high in roughage will also allow the liver to naturally eliminate excess Estrogen in the body more easily. Some fantastic liver detox programs exist which will allow the body to start from the beginning with a fresh diet and allow the liver to really heal.

The other related side-effects of Endometriosis also include the digestive system. We can help the digestive system by providing it with meals that are easier to digest, therefore placing less strain on the liver. The harder food is to digest, the harder the liver works and therefore the harder it will find it to regulate hormonal levels and all the other issues associated with the liver. The body favours an easy to digest diet which is mostly made of organic fruits, vegetables and plenty of roughage to expel excess levels of hormones and detoxify the body of disease. We should avoid fatty foods, alcohol and coffee. Some patients report an instant reduction in pain by taking bread or wheat out of their diet. This would need to be tested on a personal basis. Fatty foods would also include any dairy products and meat. It is a good idea to also ensure fruits and vegetables are chemical free as some chemicals have been proven to be related to the formation of Endometriosis. Perhaps it is that the liver is not able to digest or expel the chemicals...

Since the liver is also responsible for fighting off disease, it is common within Endometriosis patients to form allergies, whether it is simply hayfever or food allergies. It is commonly called a low immune system. Since the liver is not functioning at its optimum, we can boost it with auto-immune boosters such as Aloe Vera Juice, Noni Juice or Mangostene Juice. These will fight off disease effectively and keep Endometriosis at bay.

The liver is responsible for a fair share of the side-effects and struggles we experience with Endometriosis but there are many natural ways to heal the liver and the body which will work together to provide you with a natural way of healing Endometriosis.

Other areas we can include in our lives to improve and heal Endometriosis:


The lymphatic system is responsible for getting rid of waste and elimination. It is only activated through exercise. By exercising for a short time every day, we are able to activate the lymphatic system and ensure faster and better elimination of not only the disease but all other unwanted elements in our body.

Exercise will also ensure a lower fat content in the body, which will contribute to high Estrogen levels.

Emotional Well-being

Our emotions play a huge role in our stress levels and our ability to heal ourselves. Endometriosis is associated with an Anger Emotion. If we dispel the source of anger, the condition will often dissipate easier. Stress will naturally cause cramping in the abdominal cavity which will create more pain for Endometriosis sufferers. It is important to learn to relax and allow yourself some "me time" where you do nothing but enjoy a simple element of nature or a long lazy bath. Most of us forget how important this is and don't ever really switch off after a long day at work. Recognise that is often an emotional driver to always want to do more and excel. Tell yourself: it will all be okay and you will find inner peace more easily.

Curing Endometriosis through natural methods takes time. In some cases, years and it requires patience and persistence. The improvements are noticeable if we know what to look for. Using hormones to treat Endometriosis is not a long-term solution and will only make you feel better for the time you are on the medication and will further damage the liver and the body in the process. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy is a much more effective way of treating the condition. Looking after yourself and healing yourself naturally is the only way in my opinion!

Having had the condition for over 15years, I love to share my findings on how I have successfully treated Endometriosis. I provide plenty of free information on my blog page.

Recommended Reading
Endometriosis Treating
Practical Methods To Effectively Control & Overcome
Symptoms Of Endo Once & For All - Guaranteed

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