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Sept. 05 - 2010 - All About Women Health Article -Endometriosis

5 Reasons We Have Pain With Endometriosis
By Melissa Meyer Platinum Quality Author

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Endometriosis affects over 70 million woman worldwide. Many women confront debilitating pain with Endometriosis. The level of pain varies from one patient to another and the severity of the condition can also vary dramatically.

Here are 5 reasons why we experience pain:

1. Our level of Oestrogen in the body

The level of Oestrogen in the body will vary from one person to another. This can be controlled through diet and through regular exercise. When the levels of Oestrogen are high, the uterus develops a thicker lining during the monthly cycle. The thicker the lining becomes, the more dispersion of retrograde cells become present in the pelvic area. It is these cells which cause pain within Endometriosis sufferers as they cause adhesions and cysts.

2. Prostaglandins

These are cells responsible for blood clothing and inflammation and are found within the lining of the uterus. The thicker the lining becomes, the more prostaglandins will be present within the uterus and therefore the more pain sensors will be sent to the body.

3. Our Stress Levels

When we stress it is usually from an emotional cause. Stress at work is often due to an emotion, such as an inability to cope or a feeling of not succeeding. The way to control our stress levels will either aid or take away from our pain levels. With Endometriosis, patients experience high emotional imbalances, which can represent themselves in the way patients experience stress. Stress can easily be reduced through better diet, exercise and slowing down the mind activity.

4. Digestive Issues

A poor digestive function is a side-effect of Endometriosis. The fluctuations within bowel movements can greatly affect the pain levels within Endometriosis sufferers. By keeping a balanced diet with plenty of roughage and fruit, the pain associated with digestion can be substantially reduced.

5. Immune System

The immune system combats disease and is able to ward off infection within the body. If this area of the body is weak, we are likely to feel the effects of Endometriosis more. Other conditions may also flair up due to our lowered immune system. These include skin and eye sensitivities, food intolerances and allergies. To boost our immune system we encourage fast healing with immune boosting nutrients like Aloe Vera Juice, Noni Juice or other high anti-oxidants.

Endometriosis is a condition which is often associated with high levels of pain. We can overcome the pain through many options. It is however important to note that a signal of pain within the body is a way of telling us that there is an imbalance inside of us that needs attention.

The sooner we acknowledge and find the source of the imbalance, the sooner we can resolve the condition and its associated pain.

My advice is all through my personal experience with Endometriosis. I want to help as many woman as I can who suffer from this debilitating condition. I have found ways to deal and cure the condition for many woman and I share them all on my blog page:

I look forward to hearing from you on there!

Recommended Reading
Endometriosis Treating
Practical Methods To Effectively Control & Overcome
Symptoms Of Endo Once & For All - Guaranteed

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